Sunday, May 01, 2005

Final Entry

Well, I've finished the individual presentations notes. Please see them at my notes site if you need a brief refresher on topics brought up and memorizations.

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful semester. I've had so much fun getting to know you all through class discussion, presentations, and epic poems. For those of you graduating, best of luck! We'll miss you and REMEMBER you fondly. All others, perhaps we will meet again in a future class. This will certainly remain one of my most memorable course experiences both for the things we learned and the people that I've met. Thanks very much for eveything and never forget:

Dog, grapefruit, bottle of wine, toothpaste, left shoe, eyebrow. :O)

Have a wonderful summer!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wrapping Things Up

It's just about the end of the semester. *sigh* I'm working on updating my notes page with group and individual presentations and will have them finished by Sunday afternoon. Please do not rely entirely on my stuff! Debbie and Nikole and others have also summarized presentations very well.

Here's my notes site again: Check it out! :O)

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Classmates' Journals

Hello all fellow Oral Traditions students! As you may know, it is most helpful (and fun) to read everyone's web journals to gain insight into new and different ideas and viewpoints. Here is a compilation of web addresses for your use.

Brian D
Brian J
Jennifer Turcotte
Opai (Apabrita)
Samantha Fife
Stephanie Urban

That's all I've got for now. I'll add to it as you all establish your sites. :O) Thanks!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sherman Alexie

I hope that many of you were fortunate enough to check out Sherman Alexie's lecture on Thursday night. He was hilarious, but he really made some interesting insights, too. I was sitting by Allison at the lecture and at one point Alexie said "That's the oral tradition." Since we are both now students of the oral tradition we took notice and paid closer attention as he continued, "someone tells a story and then the next person tells it wrong and then he tells it wrong and then we have American History". (This was not exactly how lexie phrased it, but, you get the jist) I thought that was hilarious. The oral tradition created history. I totally agree with that and now I wish I had written my term paper about it. I love history but how can we really know what's true and what's not? Although some might get caught up in the "truth" of history, I don't think we have to. At its heart I think that history is just stories. Stories of people and places and events. Early history certainly has imaginative touches. Anone who has read Herodotus would know that! Thank goodness for the oral tradition! Without it, where would we be?

Read Other entries!

It's weird that I'm writing this entry becuase it is assuming that people are reading my posts....anyhow. I've just made my weekly (or bi-monthly) journey through each journal for this class and I am quite impressed by the entries! Kristi's site has some great insights. I have especialy enjoyed her short response to "Hotel Rwanda" and her entry "African Time". Allison's entries are always entertaining. Valerie and Hanna are doing cool things, too. Really, I know it takes awhile to read every person's journal, but it's worth it. I come away with a new idea everytime.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Here are some pictures of our last few weeks of presentations. :O)

Heather sings praises of the beautiful Hannah Posted by Hello

Brian retells of Steph's adventures in Europe Posted by Hello

Steph tells us of Brian Posted by Hello

Samantha enthralls us with Josh's life story Posted by Hello

Tracy is compelling Posted by Hello

The class enjoys an oral presentation Posted by Hello

Brian and Stacy: Soulmates Posted by Hello

Debie memorializes Opai Posted by Hello

The Oog offers light by which to read a script. Posted by Hello

Dreams Posted by Hello

Flowers for all! Posted by Hello

Kristi is surprised by what she sees Posted by Hello

The boundaries group entertains Posted by Hello

Faith enlightens us Posted by Hello

Group Presentations Posted by Hello

Dr. Sexson as Dr. Seuss!!!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Memorizations/Group Presentations

A BIG "Great Job!" To everyone for their fantastic memorizations and group presentations. I think that all the groups really stepped up to the challenge of entertaining us and engaging in the oral culture's prominant ideas of storytelling. I have to say that my favorite group was the Cindy, Valerie, Juliette, Dustin, Wayne, Opai group with their blindfolds. At certain points the noise of the ongoing conversations was almost unbearable and that's something that I don't tend to notice when I can see what's going on. The smells were a fantastic effect; especially the smell of the pipe smoke. I loved your creativity. Awesome job. To all the groups though, we have a class of budding actors and directors in this class. :O) I was thoroughly impressed by all.

As for memorizations...AWESOME! I love the wide range of topics that the class has chosen. Music to universities, to poetry. I was the most "into it" when Wayne recited from the First Quartet. I have never heard those read aloud and it was so captivating and magical. Ed was rocking my socks with his German/English translations of "Prometheus" and I actually was learning from some people! Wildflowers, religions, top songs. Thanks for all your insights.

I chose to do Dr. Seuss because I love Dr.Seuss and I think that his messages, especially in Oh, The Places You'll Go, are valuable for all of us to remember. Now, whenever I know someone is off to do something great, I can recite the book to him/her. I think that's an important thing. :O) Above you will see a picture of our very own Shaman Sexson as Dr. Seuss...great! I just figured out the picture thing and I LOVE IT! Too bad it's the end of the semester. :O(

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's been awhile...

I still haven't posted my journal entry re: memory and Shakespeare. I will do that at some point. Really. This last few weeks has been pretty crazy though.

Great job to the performers on Tuesday. Sadly, I was unable to see groups one and two because I told Brian I would "suit him up" in his...armor? I hope that everyone enjoyed our production. It was fun but next time, we should each have reading lights. It was a little difficult to see our lines. Or maybe we should memorize them. I am looking forward to tomorrow's presentations. :O) Good luck to groups 4, 5, 6!

I've got half of my memorization for Tuesday the 19th down. It's going pretty well but the memory palace wasn't working for me. I don't know how to use it with phrases and words. If you used the memory theater and memorized a poem or passage from something, tell the rest of us about it. I want to know the secrets.